Scheme Sector Coupling

Sector Coupling

For a successful energy turnaround it is essential to couple the four energy consumption sectors in Germany. Today the national energy consumption is divided as follows: Electricity (22%), transport (29%), heating (40%), industrial process heat (9%). Electricity has the widest range of uses and can be generated without fossil energies. The shift away from fossil energies thus means a transition from oil and gas to electricity as the main energy carrier of the future.

With our innovative solutions in the field of sector coupling we address the needs of decision makers in politics and the energy supply industry.

Our Services

  • We develop solutions for the conversion of energy systems and the required data infrastructure.
  • The goal is not just the networking of the systems themselves, but also their intelligent management.
  • Our modern accounting systems record the energy flows in several directions – an important factor for efficient energy usage.

Your Benefits

  • You receive consulting and implementation from one source.
  • With our support you lay the basis for a functioning energy turnaround.
  • We provide you with the energy supply system for the world of tomorrow

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