Scheme Local Public Transport

Local Public Transport

The city of the future will largely be shaped by emission-free public transport. What is a matter of course for rail transport – running on electricity – proves more difficult for scheduled bus services which have to carry their energy “on board”: Long charging times and heavy, space-consuming power storage units frequently make operation unprofitable. 

With our concept of short charging times for electric bus services, we address the needs of municipal and private local public transport operating companies.

Our Services

  • We plan and install storage-supported quick loading stations for public bus services at the terminal stops.
  • For this we use modular storage containers.
  • The containers are equipped with solar panels for charging the storage units.
  • Excess power is fed into the electricity network via the storage units.
  • The buses are charged using an extendable pantograph on the roof of the bus and an overhead line tower.
  • Optionally the storage units can also serve as charging stations for electric bikes and scooters.

Your Benefits

  • Through connection to renewable energy sources you provide climate-neutral mobility for the local public transport system.
  • Bus accumulators of 200 kWh are completely charged in 15 minutes – during the operating break.
  • In addition to the enormous time saving, this has the advantage that smaller accumulators with considerably less weight and space requirement can be deployed, which in turn enables larger passenger numbers.
  • In addition, this approach ensures better load management for the energy supply system.
  • Expand the climate-friendly mobility offers for electric bikes and scooters in your region.
  • As local energy provider you profit from favorable conditions for your own vehicle fleet and the stored excess energy.
  • Alternatively, a cooperation with a suitable energy partner is possible.

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