Scheme Individual Mobility

Individual Mobility

The energy turnaround presents Germany with huge challenges – especially in the transport sector. The existing distribution network is nowhere near sufficient for the predicted growth in electric, fuel cell, and hydrogen vehicles.

Our solution: Innovative energy storage units on the basis of a flexible container module system and the rigorous use of synergy effects – for the mobility of the future.

With our expertise in the field of individual mobility we address, in particular, the needs of decision makers from politics and industry who want to invest in sustainable energy concepts for the transport sector: Municipal and private energy suppliers, the car industry as well as companies in the fields of filling stations and service areas, freight and passenger transport.

Our Services

We plan and install quick charging stations over 1000 V as well as modular storage containers for:

  • Battery storage units for short and medium-term storage for the electricity grid as well as the rapid charging of electric vehicles
  • Hydrogen storage tanks for long-term storage and the fueling of long-distance vehicles such as HGVs or coaches.
  • Gas turbines for reconversion to electricity
  • In the future also available with and for innovative solid storage units
  • Connection to renewable energy generation for climate-neutral mobility

Your Benefits

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): You invest sustainably in climate protection
  • Economical, flexible, and scalable modular system through the use of ISO containers
  • Flexible equipping with storage units
  • Innovative new storage solutions can be easily integrated

You can find a sketch for a possible energy scenario here
Energy Scenario Individual Mobility
Energy Scenario Individual Mobility Legend
Energy Scenario Individual Mobility Legend
Energy Scenario Individual Mobility Legend
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