Scheme Energy Efficient Building Refurbishment

Energy Efficient Building Refurbishment

Profit from our complete solutions from one source: Through the coupling of sun and wind energy with large modular power storage units we enable you to operate your buildings largely energy-autonomous, as well as supplying your tenants with the electricity generated.

Our expertise is directed at the housing industry: Housing associations and cooperatives, private and municipal housing corporations as well as operating companies

Our Services

  • Consultation, planning, and realization for existing properties and new buildings
  • Installation of photovoltaic and small vertical wind power plants on roofs
  • Reconstruction measures for an on-site low temperature heating system
  • On-site system coupling
  • Installation of modular external storage containers for flexible usage (storage modules, charging and discharging control, temperature monitoring, transformer stations, invertors, rectifiers, electrolyzers, hydrogen storage units, fuel cells for the reconversion into electricity, central control systems).
  • Optional usage of the storage containers as quick charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Optional future conversion into hydrogen tank stations for fuel cell vehicles (FCEV)
  • Advice when starting energy trading
  • Storage units as network stabilizers for load peaks and troughs ensure optimal energy utilization

Your Benefits

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): You invest sustainably in climate protection
  • You participate in the commercial profits of energy trading
  • Financing through energy trading finds a greater acceptance amongst your tenants compared to a building measure financed on a cost sharing basis
  • Quick amortization of the investment
  • Increase in the value of your property
  • With the strategic switch to hydrogen storage tanks you are prepared for the mobility of the future
  • Make use of today’s opportunities – they are tomorrow’s profits

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